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The Path of Cultivating International Talents
Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President, National Taiwan University

In the competitive global arena, education is the key to cultivating international talents and empowering their future. As we’re approaching NTU’s centennial anniversary in 2028, it is crucial to pass on our legacy and reinforce our leading position as a world-class university. A pivotal mission and goal I’ve been focusing on is to help our students foster and deepen creativity, leadership, execution, and altruism. There are multiple measures for achieving such goals. For instance, involvement in extracurricular activities, student clubs and internship opportunities, which will equip them with advanced knowledge and professional skills before stepping into the workplace.


“NTU Highlights” is an online publication circulated on a monthly basis, encompassing our university’s strategic focuses and important updates on existing and upcoming initiatives. In the June issue, we will navigate the cultivation of international talents across NTU’s administration units, covering curriculum design, students’ contribution and participation in social services, internships, as well as collaboration with our external partners.


Let us help raise awareness of talent cultivation and create joint efforts in the NTU family!

Editorial Team
Chief Editor:Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
Co-Editors:Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Research and Development, National Taiwan University