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Semiconductor R&D and Talent Cultivation
Prof. Chung-Chih Wu, Vice President for Research and Development, National Taiwan University

The remarkable influence of Taiwan's semiconductor industry cannot be underestimated. In 2022, the industry achieved an output value of NT$4.72 trillion, constituting 12.64% of Taiwan’s GDP. In 2023, Taiwan is expected to maintain its position as the world's second-largest semiconductor supplier, trailing only the United States. Meanwhile, Taiwan continues to lead in certain subsectors, including foundries and packaging and testing. These economic indicators underscore the strategic significance of Taiwan's semiconductor industry at a national level. To foster sustainable development and maintain competitiveness in this critical national industry, the government, industry, and universities have collaborated to nurture skilled talent and to strengthen research and development.


This issue of NTU HIGHLIGHTS will introduce NTU's momentum and achievements in talent cultivation, core research facilities, academic-industry joint research centers, cutting-edge research, and international collaboration in semiconductor areas. We hope readers will come to appreciate the vitality and abundance of semiconductor research here on the NTU campus, as well as NTU's efforts in semiconductor talent cultivation.

Editorial Team
Chief Editor:Office of Research and Development, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Co-Editors:Graduate School of Advanced Technology, TSMC-NTU Joint Research Center, MediaTek-NTU Research Center, Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System Research Center, National Taiwan University