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New Frontiers in Digital Learning
Prof. Hung-Jen Wang, Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Taiwan University

In the era of digitalization, National Taiwan University (NTU) is actively promoting the integration of technology into teaching to create a digitalized campus. The adoption of NTU COOL (NTU Course OnLine) and Future Classroom has allowed us to break free from the confines of traditional classrooms, enabling more diversified teaching environments and modalities. The application of extended reality technology is also showcased in our university’s “Future Exhibition Hall,” which provides students with a wholly unique learning experience in an immersive exhibition space. Riding the wave of AI in 2023, several of our academic departments have started integrating AI tools into teaching or have introduced courses related to AI technology. Beyond simply imparting the latest knowledge and skills, these efforts aim to educate students on the proper utilization of AI to assist in their future learning endeavors.

In addition to the application of digital technology, digital literacy also stands as a key competency advocated for by our university to nurture students with the essential knowledge and skills required in the digital age.

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