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Champions of a Resilient Environment
Prof. Ching-Hua Lo, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University

Global warming and environmental changes pose severe challenges to humanity’s efforts to attain sustainable development. Taiwan, which ranks among the highest in the world for multiple disaster risks and is warming at a rate far exceeding the global average, has been seriously impacted by these changes.


To address sustainable development challenges, NTU has established several interdisciplinary centers, such as the Research Center for Future Earth, Center for Weather and Climate Disaster Research, Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, and the Water Innovation, Low-Carbon and Environmental Sustainability Research Center. NTU continues to pursue scientific exploration and technological innovation to achieve a world-leading position.


NTU also collaborates with all levels of government to promote environmental governance, assist businesses and the general society in energy transition, achieve net-zero carbon emissions, implement environmental management, and pursue sustainable operations. It is NTU’s goal to use scientific technology to create a solid foundation for a resilient society.


NTU has also developed multiple academic programs related to climate change and sustainable development in order to prepare professionals of varying expertise levels and empower Taiwan to achieve sustainability.


Guided by its motto of “Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion,” NTU works assiduously to fulfill its social responsibilities as a university and attain global leadership.

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