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Cultivate Leaders
Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President, National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University (NTU) stands at the forefront of higher education in Taiwan. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to innovative research, we also consider the cultivation of young talents as our most crucial mission. NTU soon approaches its centennial celebration in 2028, which means that we have been raising leaders across a variety of fields for nearly a century. These leaders have brought about the advancement and prosperity of the Taiwanese society, while leaving an indelible mark in the international arena.


In this edition of NTU Highlights, we will use data to illustrate the impact of NTU alumni across fields and explore how NTU cultivates future leadership through enhancing student learning, promoting extracurricular activities, and carrying out relevant educational programs. By adapting to global trends, NTU will continue to evolve to provide students with an education that keeps pace with the times, and will be committed to cultivating leaders and exceptional talents.

Editorial Team
Chief Editor:Office of Institutional Research
Co-Editors:Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, NTU Leadership Program