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Pathways to a Carbon-Neutral Future
Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President, National Taiwan University


As the threat of climate change looms large, taking immediate action to reduce carbon emissions is more critical than ever. As Taiwan’s premier institution of higher education, National Taiwan University (NTU) stands at the forefront of talent cultivation and cutting-edge technology, making it the ideal leader in society’s battle against climate change. In 2020, NTU made history by being the first in Asia to withdraw Endowment Fund capital from high-polluting industries. NTU was also the first higher education institution in Taiwan to pledge its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.


In this edition of NTU Highlights, we delve into the strategies and progress made by NTU in its quest for carbon neutrality on campus. We also explore breakthroughs in wind energy, negative emissions technologies, and sustainable talent development. Through our continued efforts in education and innovation, we are committed to taking carbon reduction actions, achieving NTU’s carbon neutrality goal, and creating a sustainable future.


Editorial Team
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Office of Sustainability
Co-Editors:College of Engineering, College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture, Agricultural Net-Zero Carbon Technology and Management Innovation Research Center, College of Science