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Joint Research Centers with Industry Leaders

NTU is fervently committed to establishing strong connections with key industries worldwide. This is evident in our establishment of joint research centers with semiconductor industry leaders, such as the MediaTek-NTU Research Center and the TSMC-NTU Research Center.  Both of these centers implement local initiatives to promote partnerships between NTU and the respective companies.

The TSMC-NTU Research Center, established in 2013, serves as an industry-academia collaboration hub between NTU and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Jointly funded by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), this center bridges the gap between academic and industry by integrating the R&D capabilities of academia into the industrial sector. One of current research goals of the center is the development of leading-edge 3-nanometer technology nodes and beyond. The center also actively promotes a variety of student programs and activities to cultivate talent and engage students in semiconductor research. An exemplary initiative is the Elite Camp, which invites students from various disciplines with the  aim of providing them with a foundational understanding of the latest semiconductor technology, research, future development, and applications. Through activities such as master lectures, laboratory explorations, and sharing sessions by TSMC employees, students gain valuable insights into semiconductor research, applications, and career development. Since its establishment a decade ago, the center has seen 750 students participate in advanced industry collaboration projects, resulting in the publication of many flagship papers (including papers presented at IEDM and VLSI, top semiconductor conferences) and the filing of 93 US patents. The close partnership has led to joint technological breakthroughs to address the demands of the frontier industry.

On the other hand, the MediaTek-NTU Research Center, formerly known as the NTU-MediaTek Wireless Research Laboratory, and established in 2001, marked the first industry-academia collaboration laboratory in Taiwan with a focus on wireless communication IC design. Subsequently, in 2011, the NTU-MediaTek-NTUH Medical Electronics Center was founded to support industry-academia projects in biomedical electronics. In February 2014, the MediaTek-NTU Research Center was officially established at the university level, jointly funded by the NSTC industry-academia alliance project titled “Research on Key Technologies in Next-Generation Mobile Communication Terminals.” During the alliance project, 44 patents were generated. Starting in September 2021, The MediaTek Advanced Research Center (MARC) project was initiated to coordinate MediaTek's planning and execution of its industry-academia collaboration projects. Each year, MARC issues a Call for Proposal (CFP) to universities nationwide, seeking visionary and innovative industry-academia projects aligned with future technological development. For the 2023-2024 academic year, 16 NTU MARC projects were approved, covering research areas such as analog circuits, 6G communication systems, AI & multimedia, and EDA & quantum computing, among others. Regular meetings ensure a strong interactive relationship and technical exchange between the two parties, enabling NTU faculty and students to collaborate in real-time with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge technologies.

Mr. ST Liew, Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies and President of Qualcomm Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, delivered a guest lecture on "Unleashing 5G+ AI Innovation: Today and Tomorrow," providing students with a fresh perspective on the semiconductor industry.


 The lab exploration sessions, encompassing fields such as electrical engineering, materials science, physics, and mechanics at NTU, NTHU, NCTU, and NCKU, offer students exciting opportunities to delve into cutting-edge developments and research areas within semiconductor technology.


 The annual report was prepared by various project groups and prerecorded for presentation at MediaTek. During the Yearly Achievement Exhibition Day, students showcased their projects with a poster in the headquarters’ exhibition hall.