Anniversary Celebration—Pioneering the Future

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President Kuan addressing the ceremony. He affirmed that NTU had published the first Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report in 2020, with the goal of carbon neutrality on campus, aiming at 50% of carbon neutrality by 2028, the year of the University’s centennial.

NTU celebrated its 94th anniversary on November 15 with a grand ceremony presided over by President Chung-Ming Kuan. On this special occasion, Mr. Chun-Ming Huang and Mr. Jonney Shih were awarded honorary doctorates in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions. In his opening remarks, President Kuan asserted that for over nine decades NTU had been successfully cultivating many exceptional students who have gone on to foster progress in economy, society, and scientific research, making great contributions to both the University and Taiwan. Now, NTU is faced with keen competition in higher education across Asia as well as rapid social changes. In an effort to tackle these challenges, NTU has designed and implemented innovative learning programs to attract and retain talents, connect with the wider world, as well as stir discussions on Future University. President Kuan encouraged NTU students to “pioneer the future,” expecting more of them to break through current limitations, innovate, and face setbacks and failures without fear.

This year’s honorary doctor, Mr. Chun-Ming Huang, is a giant of Taiwan’s local literature, many of whose novels have been made into popular movies. His works show his affection for the land and reflect Taiwan’s path to development from an agricultural society to the industrial and commercial era. His efforts at serving society and caring for the disadvantaged provide an ideal model for current students.

The honorary doctor, Mr. Jonney Shih, is the Chairman of ASUS. Under his leadership, ASUS has been firmly established as the world’s largest brand for motherboards and one of the top three international brands of consumer laptops. He has long dedicated himself to innovative research and development. While leading technological innovation, he also adopts measures for social responsibility as an entrepreneur, in particular by sparing no effort in developing green products and promoting digital inclusion, humanistic environmental education, and climate issues.

In addition, 10 alumni with exceptional achievements in the arts and humanities, academics, business, social services, and miscellanea were honored in recognition of their outstanding contributions to NTU and society. A winner in the academics category, Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, a graduate of the Institute of Biochemical Sciences and winner of the 2021 Welch Award in Chemistry, addressed the ceremony. He stated with pride that NTU was the first university in Taiwan and the top-ranking comprehensive university, with a distinctive free and open style of education that has always won a lot of praise. Looking back at his student life on NTU campus, he acknowledged NTU’s long-lasting impact on his life. “If I have a little achievement today, the foundation was established during my time at NTU.” He hopes that all NTU students can become the best version of themselves and find their place in the world.

The “Social Devotion Special Award” was presented during the ceremony to students in the International Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, the Department of Social Work, and NTU Pinglin Sprout, in recognition of their love for society and spirit of altruism with excellent results. The ceremony concluded successfully with NTU Chorus leading the University Song.

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Honorary doctor Chun-Ming Huang addressing the ceremony.
He remarked that while reaching the age of 88 felt like being “withered wood” and “decayed wood,” receiving an honorary doctorate felt like a spring breeze that opened his eyes to see the world anew.

Honorary doctor Jonney Shih encouraging young students to hold on to their dream and enthusiasm after they graduate from NTU.
He expressed the hope that students will bravely “embrace reality” during every minute of their struggle, especially when faced with adversity.

Speaking on behalf of the outstanding alumni, Dr. Chi-Huey Wong remarking that he was pleasantly surprised about winning the prize, as recognition is what motivates people to advance.

Representing the winners of the Social Devotion Special Award, Yi-Ting Yang shared the story of her time in East Africa. She also started the Love Binti organization with the hopes of encouraging more people to help out the world’s poor.