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Innovation in Education: Charting Your Academic Journey

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NTU officials and faculty members at the inauguration ceremony of the Academic Advising Office.

The mission of the NTU Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is to lead innovative pedagogy and equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need to solve the world’s most pressing and complex needs. To fulfill this mission, OAA has developed an innovative learning system, providing a diversity of learning options: Specialization Program, University-Wide Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Program, and Undergraduate Honors Program.

These programs are designed to help students quickly grasp the core competencies of a single field of study, allowing them to strengthen their field-specific knowledge or learn across other areas of disciplines. NTU has launched the Specialization Program since the 2021-22 academic year. 56 academic units are offering 230 specializations. By stepping out of established disciplinary silos, students can make connections across diverse arrays of knowledge and learn how to apply knowledge in real-world settings.

To support students pursuing a unique academic and career path, OAA launched the University-Wide Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Program and the Undergraduate Honors Programs. The University-Wide Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Program offers an opportunity for students to select interdisciplinary courses and make new discoveries through interdisciplinary studies. The Undergraduate Honors Programs guide students to take more advanced courses that empower them to carve out a research niche that matches their passions and strengths. To date, OAA has implemented 17 Undergraduate Honors Programs, matching students with suitable fields of study and helping them explore and expand their research potential.

OAA also established the Academic Advising Office to help students identify their interests and design an academic portfolio tailored to chart their learning journey. In the future, with the assistance of the Academic Advising Office, OAA will continue to promote cross-departmental collaboration and launch courses, seminars, project-based courses, thesis writing workshops, internship programs, and industry talks. These activities can help students not only embark on a path with greater career opportunities but also become innovative leaders in academia or industry capable of changing the world.

The Heart’s Cafe meeting room at the Academic Advising Office, a space for students to contemplate or just relax.

Inspirational quotes and note cards inside the Café meeting room. Students can write their feelings on the cards and post them in the Inspiration Room.