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Further Collaboration Opportunities Consolidated during CNRS Visit

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Prof. Ching-Hua Lo, Executive Vice President of NTU (right) and Antoine Petit, Chairman and CEO of CNRS (left).

Accompanied by the members from Bureau Français de Taipei (BFT), Prof. Antoine Petit and Mr. Edouard Besserve, Deputy Director for Asia, Oceania, Eastern Europe and Russia, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), met with representatives from NTU in October to discuss and boost further bilateral international collaborations between CNRS and NTU.

The representatives from NTU included Prof. Ching-Hua Lo, Executive Vice President, Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, Dean of the College of Engineering and Prof. Jiun-Haw Lee, Associate Vice President for International Affairs. The meeting was also attended by Prof. Chen’s long-term research partner from France, Prof. Redouane Borsali.

Prof. Borsali is not only a scholar from CNRS but also a Professor at University Grenoble Alpes, one of NTU’s strategic partners in France. The two professors’ international collaboration started in 2012. In 2021, they jointly participated in the CNRS/NTU - International Research Project: France-Taiwan Project, a five-year project on the study of Green Material. At the meeting, Prof. Chen and Prof. Borsali shared their experience to help facilitate the formation of more connections between NTU and CNRS.

NTU is one of the CNRS’ main partner institutions in higher education in Taiwan. According to the SciVal database, scholars from NTU and CNRS published over 1,100 co-authored publications in the last five years. The two delegations had fruitful discussions and reviews of current collaborations. They agreed to facilitate further bilateral collaboration via online forums, research symposiums, and so on in the fields of Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability.

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Besides the existing fields, future bilateral collaborations between NTU and CNRS will include the new fields of artificial intelligence, sustainability, and science. Scholars and symposiums will also be matched to expand the quality and quantity of international collaborations.

Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, Dean of the College of Engineering (right) has long been dedicated to international research collaborations. He attended the meeting to share his experience as Head of the Green Material Institute, a CNRS project in Taiwan, with Prof. Redouane Borsali, his research partner in France.