All It Takes Is All You’ve Got: Women’s Tennis Team


NTU Women’s Tennis Team wins the gold in the women’s general group at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.

NTU Women’s Tennis Team, which includes general student members and professional student-athlete members, has over 34 years of history. General students can be recruited by participating in the team tryouts held at the NTU Freshmen Cup and NTU Cup every semester. Student-athletes, on the other hand, are eligible to join solely based on their GPA scores.

For two decades, Associate Professor Chi-Hui Wang led and organized the team, helping to establish its style and value. In 2016, Wang passed the baton to Associate Professor Hsiao-Han Chao, a former national tennis player. Chao not only focuses on helping students improve their skills on the tennis court, but she also generously spends time with students, not only discussing tennis strategies, but offering them guidance in life skills.

Over the past 6 years, NTU Women’s Tennis Team has won a total of 16 championships in a wide range of competitions. One of their greatest achievements is their record of entering the semifinals of women’s general group in the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games for six consecutive years, during which they took home three golds, two silvers, and a fourth place in total.

Notably, Kuan-Yi Lee of the Department of Life Science won the team’s first bronze medal for the women’s single in the student-athlete group and gold for the women’s double with her partner Chao-Ying Huang from the College of Medicine. Huang herself broke the national and team record as the first non-athlete student to win a women’s double gold in the student-athlete group in that competition. Her victory continues to inspire students who are passionate for sports—to push themselves to excellence.

NTU Women’s Tennis Team practices every Wednesday and Friday night and hosts special team events for specific occasions, such as holidays, graduations, and birthdays to build rapport among the team members. Even after graduation, alumni continue to support the team by joining gatherings or just watching the team play in live-streamed matches.

Without hard work, passion, and dedication, nothing is possible. Despite limited space, time, and budget, every single team member strives to bring out her best through practice and overcoming her challenges. Surely, no setbacks will stop this team from making great strides and continue winning.

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Associate Professor Hsiao-Han Chao coaching a student during a match in the group competition at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.

Kuan-Yi Lee (right) and Chao-Ying Huang (left) win the gold in the women’s doubles of the student-athlete group at the 2022 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.