The First NTUer in Professional Baseball: Yi-Cheng Lan Realizes His Baseball Dream


Yi-Cheng Lan encourages NTUers to be brave in trying new things and chasing their dream; “Look at things from different perspectives with humility and be a good team player.”

Yi-Cheng Lan, who graduated from the Department of Chemistry last year, pitched for the NTU baseball team during his student days. He took part in the 2022 Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Draft this July and was selected in the seventh round by the professional baseball team Wei Chuan Dragons. He was the first NTUer to play in the professional league in the CPBL’s 33 years of history.

Lan affirmed that he was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to test his talents during his time at NTU, and to develop a strong interest in baseball in the process. He also had the opportunity to train continuously and unlock his potential with the lessons and encouragement of NTU’s baseball team coach. Even though he often experiences frustrations in his baseball career, he wants to do his best by challenging himself and pushing through his limitations. He wishes to leverage his strengths to compete with other good players and establish his place in professional baseball.

Yu-Hua Lu, Lecturer of the Athletic Department and one of NTU’s baseball team coaches, said that Yi-Cheng Lan has a strong thirst for knowledge as well as a well-rounded perspective. Lan often approached him with information on sports science and weight training, showing a passion to make continuous progress. Cheng-Nan Kang, Professor of the Athletic Department and head coach for the team for nearly 3 decades, said that “NTU students tend to know what they want. They have clear goals for which they set clear deadlines, and they will try their best to achieve their goals.”

Lan said that the most vital task in high school and university was to cultivate the ability to think and manage things logically, and NTU’s education has taught him to be fully prepared so as to increase the probability of success. Believing that college is the best place and period to explore oneself, he encourages NTU students to get out of their comfort zone to try new things and face new challenges in order to discover their real interests and develop their strengths while maximizing their potential. “I hope my story gives more people the courage to pursue their dream.”

Left-handed pitcher Yi-Cheng Lan pitching at the 2022 CPBL Draft try-out.

Yi-Cheng Lan who pitched for the NTU baseball team in his student days joins the Wei Chuan Dragons as the first NTUer in professional baseball league history.