It’s Time to Leave Covid-19 Behind and Start a New Life!


NTU Cheerleaders kick off the ceremony with a spectacular routine.

“Go NTU!” the joyous sound of the cheerleaders kicked off this year’s distinctive convocation. The in-person, onsite event, themed “#NTUNEWLIFE,” celebrated the arrival of the incoming freshmen class, inviting students to check in and take pictures. Unlike any such ceremony in the past, this year’s program not only included a spectacular routine by the NTU Cheerleaders but a variety of sparkling talents presented by many NTU student clubs. At the event, formal speeches and standard music were replaced by interactive Q&A sessions and entertaining videos, creating a light-hearted mood among the crowd.

At the ceremony, President Chung-Ming Kuan affirmed, “Starting from August 1, NTU will reopen the doors of the Administrative Building. This marks the return to “normal” campus life—students can freely walk into a classroom to attend lectures and share conversations with their professors and peers in person. International students and exchange students will also be returning to campus, adding diversity and color to the University.” In addition to stressing the importance of gearing to international standards and gradually implementing the “Future NTU” action plan, Kuan also encouraged students to make independent decisions and to own their decisions by acting on them.

NTU offers a wide range of opportunities, including Future NTU and international exchange programs, for its students to explore their passions and interests during their four-year sojourn on campus. “I hope you will actively explore your options, as well as stay focused on learning and taking concrete actions to work towards realizing your goal and aspirations,” said Kuan, “What you make of your time at NTU and your life is fully up to your own decisions and actions.”

This year, NTU welcomed 4,594 new undergraduate students and 5,496 new graduate students. By offering this eye-opening convocation, the school hopes all newcomers can leave their pandemic-related fears and troubles behind and celebrate their new sojourn at NTU. It is hoped that every class member can build an exciting new life on campus and explore infinite possibilities.

NTU Choir leads in singing the NTU anthem.

Welcoming the new members of the NTU family.