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Our First English Specialization Program on East Asian Regional Politics


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Located at the junction of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, Taiwan has always been an important player in the ongoing geopolitical tussles of the region. In recent years, China has drastically transformed its position in East Asia and the world given to its rapid economic and military development. As China increases its political influence, more social science researchers are shifting their focus to East Asia to study how China will shape the political and economic landscape of the region.

This year, NTU’s College of Social Sciences launched an English specialization program on East Asian Regional Politics under the Program for East Asian Studies. The program includes in-depth courses that help students acquire a geopolitical framework of analysis for the East Asia region while combining disciplinary international political studies with a focus on the geopolitical and economic dimensions of East Asia.

The program provides students interested in public affairs and international studies with a unique opportunity to grasp Taiwan’s role in the changing geopolitics and developments of East Asia as well as explore means for Taiwan to overcome the challenges of an intensifying cross-strait relationship.

In addition to policy and decision-making training, all courses of this specialization program are conducted in English to help students improve their linguistic competence. Through discussing international affairs and analyzing complex public agenda in English, students can develop and polish their communication skills. International students who are interested in the political situation of the East Asia region will also be welcome to join the program and participate in the conversation.

NTU’s English specialization program on East Asian Regional Politics includes seminars on various topics, such as Asian democratization, Asian regionalism, and the political economies of East Asia. Students who enroll in the program will acquire a comprehensive understanding of not only the political and economic interactions among the countries in East Asia but also the geopolitical implications of an emerging China. Through this program, students will learn how to analyze regional relations in East Asia and formulate practical and feasible policies in their future careers, whether in the public sector or the private sector.

The Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library of the NTU College of Social Sciences

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