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Immersive Art: A New Reality Happening on Campus


Immersive Art at NTU: A New Reality Happening on Campus.

An avant-garde immersive experience presented by NTU’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), College of Bioresources and Agriculture (BICD), and the Department of Drama and Theatre was unveiled at the Future Exhibition Hall in August. Experimenting with virtual images, immersive technologies, arts, and education, the experience allowed students to admire art while exploring a virtual forest world.

The Future Exhibition Hall was officially inaugurated in April and is Taiwan’s first campus white cube for new media experiment purposes. The space not only supports the display of art and creativity but provides space for experimental research and innovative teaching. According to Vice President for Academic Affairs and host of the Advanced Display Technology Cross-Disciplinary Program, Prof. Shih-Torng Ding, “The Future Exhibition Hall is a space for NTU students to incubate ideas and explore all possibilities.”

“Wandering in Kavalan: A journey to Taipingshan for a taste of Kumquat” is a unique digital exhibition made possible through the joint efforts of EECS and BICD members. The exhibition draws on MR technologies, 360-degree videos, fragrances, and sounds to create a fully interactive and immersive world where visitors embark on a journey of sensory experience.

“The Carnival of the Animals” presented by students from the Department of Drama and Theatre features lively stereo images set off by Camille Saint-Saëns’ spirited music. The work will be performed at the exhibition hall regularly so students who are nearby can appreciate the breakthrough technologies in art as they visit NTU.

“Dream Within Dreams”, a work of modern dance performance created by students from the courses “3D and Advanced Computer Graphics Software” and “Immersive Technology in Theater: Design and Implementation” who have redefined dance performance. Dance movements were captured and processed with the Kinect 2.0 device and the TouchDesigner software. By projecting the show on walls using 3D projection technologies, human dance is no longer limited by space.

Given the rise of immersive art forms, Hsiao-Mei Hsieh, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Drama and Theatre, and Lung-Pan Cheng, Assistant Professor of EECS, co-launched a course titled “Display Technology and Immersive Experience Design” to collaborate with industry experts and guide students in bringing their imagination to life through technology. In the future, EECS, BICD, and the Department of Drama and Theatre will continue to collaborate and present works of NTU students at the Future Exhibition Hall, offering all who visit an unforgettable immersive voyage.

Professor Shih-Torng Ding, Vice President for Academic Affairs, hosting the press conference for the “Advanced Display Technology Cross-Disciplinary Program.”

A scene of the stereo images from “The Carnival of the Animals.”

Tzu-Ling Yang and Yu-Hsien Lin from the Department of Drama and Theatre performing “Dream Within Dreams” at the Future Exhibition Hall. Their body movements merge with technological elements, creating a spectacle.