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Honoring Bureau Français de Taipei Scholarship Recipients

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Director of French Office in Taipei Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnave with all the awardees.

On September 18, representatives from NTU attended the Réception en l’honneur des boursiers, Promotion 2022 hosted by Bureau Français de Taipei (BFT). The event was held to celebrate the scholarship awardees from Taiwan who are journeying to France for study and research in the coming semester. In his opening remarks, BFT Director Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnave encouraged the awardees to be open-minded and flexible during their sojourns in France. Representing NTU, Johnny Wu, Head of Global Relations, NTU Office of International Affairs, took the stage to thank BFT for their efforts in creating such prestigious opportunities for international academic exchanges and congratulate the awardees.

The NTU-BFT Scholarship Mobility Grant

This year’s event had special significance for NTU, as it also marked the beginning of a new initiative between NTU and BFT: the NTU-BFT Scholarship Mobility Grant. The new grant is aimed to further internationalization by sending NTU scholars to France on short-term research exchanges. Following their nomination by the NTU Office of International Affairs and approval by BFT, five scholars were awarded the grant this year.

The Mobility Grant Recipients

Three of the awardees attended the ceremony on September 18, including Associate Professor Vita Pi-Ho Hu of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and two doctoral candidates of the Department of Civil Engineering, Ching-Chung Chou and Aritra Pal. Professor Hu will be conducting research at the Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microelectronique, a joint research unit between the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Ching-Chung Chou will be a visiting scholar at the École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC), and Aritra Pal will be conducting research at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Strasbourg.

NTU’s Partnership with France

France is a key international partner for NTU with official exchange programs with 45 French universities, and NTU students have showed a great interest in France’s academic strength. The BFT collaboration allows more students and scholars to study and conduct research in France, further strengthening our international academic ties. NTU is grateful to BFT for the invaluable support it provides for international academic collaboration, and we wish all the scholarship and grant recipients the best of luck on their adventures studying abroad this semester!

NTU BFT Scholar Mobility Grant Awardees with Attachée of French Office in Taipei Sasha Ting (Third from the right) and Johnny Wu (First from the right), Head of Global Relations, NTU Office of International Affairs.