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NTU in Action: Nurturing Altruism for International Social Harmony
Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President, National Taiwan University

The key mission of National Taiwan University (NTU) is to nurture leaders equipped with creativity, leadership, the ability to implement changes, and altruism across various professional domains. We expect our students to excel not only in their respective professions but also to embody responsibility, honesty, and sincerity. Students are encouraged to express gratitude toward dignitaries and competitors while embracing altruism to act as a force for peace and stability within Taiwan and the global community.


The principle of altruism pervades all aspects of our institution, from school-, college-, and department-level programs to student-sponsored club activities. This issue highlights the efforts of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) in encouraging participation of students in overseas internships and service projects through the “NTU-YLL Project” and “NTU Overseas Internship Program.” Moreover, it establishes the “iNGO Academy,” which engages in collaborative efforts with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help build a better world. We showcase various initiatives like the Malawi Global Health Program of the College of Public Health, the “TaiwanICDF Youth Overseas Technical Assistance Internship Program” of the College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture in cooperation with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), and the impactful contributions of the World Volunteer Society (NTUWVS) and the Service-Learning in Northern Thailand (NTUSLINT).


NTU serves not only as an educational institution for its students but also as a representative of Taiwan to the rest of the world. NTU receives the highest allocation of government and social resources in Taiwan and remains committed to reciprocating this support through continuous contributions to the community.

Editorial Team
Chief Editor:Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
Co-Editors:Office of Student Affairs, College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture, College of Public Health