NTU Newsletter February 2014  
  Vice President’s Statement  
From VP's Office

As Taiwan's society changes, so do the functions of its universities. Before, the principal function of a university was the creation and transmission of knowledge; a university was a place for the production of new knowledge and new technologies. Today, the functions of a university have become more diverse; a university now aims to enable students to project their influence in society, while also emphasizing the
realization of students' personal career plans and ideals. In addition to NTU's original eleven colleges, we have added three professional colleges in order to cultivate professionals in specialized fields. NTU's true strength is that besides professional training, it provides students accomplishments on a scholarly level, while creating space for the diversity of ideas students hold regarding the future.

NTU's outstanding traditions are not only a symbol for ethnic-Chinese people, but also a spiritual indicator for the ethnic-Chinese world at large. Students now enjoy more participation in society than in the past and should make good use of their time to think deeply and pass on NTU's traditional academic spirit. Simply participating in society actively without engaging in further self reflection is not necessarily beneficial to the progress of society. Confronting the intense competition of today, the functions of a university must also serve to inspire the future development of the nation. A university should not be the finish line of academics, but rather the starting line. Moreover, a university must orient itself toward the world and cannot confine itself to Taiwan.

At NTU's Chubei Branch, we are currently bringing the Bi-Chen Building to life, planning the sports area, professional park, Chubei Park and hightechnology
R&D industry-academia cooperation park. Also, introducing NTU's atmosphere of the arts and humanities, the Department of Drama and Theater has organized arts and culture activities and NTU Press has provided performances, exhibitions and publications. Our Chubei Branch also offers lectures broadcast simultaneously from the NTU Main Campus as well as continuing education courses in order to build good
relations with local residents.

NTU has plans to cooperate with the American-Chinese entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, whose work overlaps with the genomics projects headed by NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang. Soon-Shiong has supported the USA Genomic and UK Genomic projects and hopes to establish a Taiwan Genomic project here at NTU. He
is scheduled to visit NTU in July.

NTU Vice President,
Ching-Ray Chang