NTU Newsletter April 2014  
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NTU and Mediatek Open 5G Research Center

Over 100 researchers will work to achieve the center's goal of becoming a pioneer in the future development of 5G wireless technology

NTU and Taiwan's Mediatek, one of the world's largest chip-design companies, unveiled the Mediatek-NTU Advanced Research Center on February 20.
The center will be manned by over 100 researchers, including a dozen Mediatek researchers, NTU faculty members\, and around 70 NTU postgraduate students and experts from Taiwan and abroad. The center's short-term goal is to become a leading research institute for fifth-generation (5G) wireless systems technology, which covers wireless access, smart phones, and mobile Internet applications and services.

The center was established in response to the growingprevalence of handheld devices and the revolution of technologies in computing and wireless telecommunications. As the technologies become increasingly cost-effective, the impact of the smartphone and handheld device industry is trickling down to all levels of human experience. Nevertheless, as the growth in demand for network data exceeds that of supply, it is generally believed that the next-generation 4G service will not be able to meet traffic demand by 2020. It is therefore imperative that preliminary studies for developing 5G mobile telecommunications begin. In the future, the capacity, speed as well as energy-efficiency of 5G technology will greatly increase, and the Mediatek-NTU research center aims to stay at the forefront of research and development.

By combining NTU's research abilities with Mediatek's expertise in the industry, the center's goal is to establish itself as a leader in the field of mobile telecommunications so as to become a leading pioneer in the future development of 5G technology. Meanwhile, Mediatek's engagement will also provide NTU's students with the opportunity to be exposed to the private sector at an early stage, further enhancing our student's professional competitiveness.

NTU Vice President Liang-Gee Chen remarked that the center features "a combination of innovative research and practical application, as well as an integration of interdisciplinary technologies." As both parties have worked together to carefully assess and meticulously layout the patent-oriented research targets, not only will the center's research be presented at top international conferences, the results will also create an extensive impact on the industry.

Mediatek Vice President and CTO Kevin Jou stated, "Mediatek has always been committed to becoming a leader in innovative technology as well as a top-ranking global company. To achieve this goal, much talent and many academic resources are necessary. In the face of global competition, this collaboration between industry, academia, and research will allow the Mediatek-NTU Advanced Research Center to demonstrate its ability to produce innovation that is rooted in cutting-edge technology."