NTU Newsletter April 2014  
  Teaching and Learning  
Quality Service Campaign Launched for Administrative Staff

President Pan-Chyr Yang, hoping to inject "passion, compassion, kindness, and sincerity," believes the quality of administrative services is an essential part of our school's education

NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang has called on the university's administrative staff to build a friendlier educational and administrative environment when serving students and individuals seeking assistance on campus. To achieve this goal, the Personnel Office and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies launched the Quality Service Campaign and commissioned a professional staff training and development company to design a service quality training program for the university's 1,200 administrative personnel and 120 management-level personnel. The program includes a management training workshop, a staff training workshop as well as a workshop for seed trainers.

The management training workshop helps supervisor's develop their executive skills in managing service as well as their ability to design and implement service enhancement plans. In addition to strengthening basic service skills, telephone etiquette, and the management of complaints, the workshop enhances a manager's ability to supervise and review her team's service performance.

The staff training workshop focuses on the enhancement of basic service skills, addressing the psychology of customer service, telephone etiquette and workplace attire, as well as the handling of face-to-face service and management of complaints.

The workshop for seed trainers was designed to establish a service training team on campus. In the future, seed trainers will promote the university's campaign for service quality, spreading the concept to all administrative offices at NTU.

President Yang says, "We should receive each and every student and co-worker seeking our assistance as our closest friend, treat them with the utmost sincerity, and assist them with our warmest service."
The president believes that quality service should not be an imposed formality, but a spontaneous act that comes from true kindness and friendliness. He also emphasizes the effect that "hidden lessons" such as that of kindness in the workplace have on a student's education in stating, "Students are very observant, and they can see how the members of our faculty and staff handle their daily affairs. Therefore, it is my belief that the quality of our services is also an essential part of our school's education. As a good campus is built upon an environment imbued with a pleasant atmosphere and a genuine willingness to help others, our quality services will be able to nurture the same type of friendly attitude in our students."

By injecting "passion, compassion, kindness, and sincerity" into the workplace, President Yang hopes the Quality Service Campaign will not only enhance the service provided by NTU's administration but also establish the university as a model of service quality.